Top 8 Types of Small Meaningful Tattoos for Men

Top 8 Types of Small Meaningful Tattoos for Men

Some tattoo artists have a great talent in their hands that they can turn meaningful thoughts and ideas into creative tattoos on your body parts. Tattoo artists even have the ability to turn your feelings and emotions into relevant tattoo designs. The astounding tattoo designs, great skills and laborious efforts of tattoo artists catch the attention of a plethora of people from all around the globe.

8 Best Small Meaningful Tattoos for Men

If you are also planning to make a design on your body part and are looking for some meaningful tattoo ideas, then you are fortunately on the right page. In this article, we have highlighted some exceptional tattoo ideas that will surely help you make the final choice.

1) Small Cross Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoo

Do you have faith in religion? If yes, then a small cross tattoo on hand is a perfect idea for you. The cross sign is of great significance in the Christian religion. This symbol represents the martyrdom of Jesus to save humanity. Therefore, the cross sign symbolizes unconditional love, devotion and sacrifice. Some people feel that they get more power whenever they see a cross tattoo on their hand. So, you can also correlate this symbol with courage. To deduce, the small cross tattoo is the right pick for those who want to express love, faith, sacrifice and courage in just one design.

2) Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Snake is a sign of rebirth, transformation, strength and immortality. Apart from it, snake the skin-shedding feature of snakes defines the property to heal and appear new again. So those, who are fed up with their past and want to start a new life from scratch can make this tattoo on their hand, check, arm and even on their back.

3) Cute Elephant Tattoo

Cute Elephant Tattoo

If you are from the Hindu religion, you might be cognizant of the respect and significance of elephants in Hinduism. Well, do you know what these cute and incredible elephants represent? Let us tell you that elephants are a symbol of power, intelligence and good luck. Don’t think that you need a huge part of your body to make this tattoo. Tattoo artists have the talent to design this big creature into a small design that will fit perfectly on your small body part.

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4) Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo

A cute little angel wings tattoo on a wrist means to pay tribute to a lost loved one. Well, some people believe that winged angels allow guardians to travel to and from heaven. Whatever the truth is, these angel wings are actually a sign of protection, guidance, tribute and positivity. If you have also lost your loved ones and miss them every day, this tattoo idea is the right choice to pay gratitude to them.

5) Lion- ‘The king’ Tattoo

Lion- ‘The king’ Tattoo

Lion, the king of Jungle, is a real example of bravery, strength, royalty and self-confidence. Apart from it, it symbolizes nobility, leadership, pride and majesty. So, if you are also fearless and want to show your power, you can ask your tattoo designer to make a lion on your bicep or hand. A roaring lion tattoo is also a good idea to warn people to not mess with you.

6) Crown

Crown tattoo

Are you a powerful man who believes in royalty, dignity, respect and triumph? Are you the king of your life? If yes, then a small crown tattoo on the hand and wrist will surely suit your personality. So, ask your tattoo artist to make an amazing crown on your hand or wrist and get ready to show your regal natural, glory and power to the world.

7) Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglass Tattoo

Everything in this world is temporary except tattoos. Everything will pass away and even you will pass away one day. So make an hourglass tattoo on your arm and remind yourself that time isn’t waiting for anyone and is passing fastly. This will boost your courage to work for the things you want to achieve before you die.

8) Star-Shaped Tattoo

Star-Shaped Tattoo

Endearing star-shaped tattoos represent ambition, destiny and hope. A simple star is a symbol of achievement while a shooting star represents an opportunity to make a wish. Overall, it gives you hope that you have the ability to achieve everything you aim for. So, if you are looking for motivation to work for your goals, a star-shaped tattoo can work wonders for you.

Final Thoughts

Hence, these are some extraordinary tattoo designs that define meaningful thoughts and ideas. You can choose anyone that suits your personality and let that tattoo speak about you to the world.


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