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How to Use a Male Urine Pot and Karman Cannula?


Getting a Male Urine Pot is a great way to help you get rid of the smell that comes with your urine. There are many different styles of Male Urine Pots on the market today, but the best ones are durable and spill-proof. They also come with a convenient, anatomical design that makes them comfortable to use.


Designed to be lightweight, the Spill-Proof Male Urine Pot is ideal for the elderly or people with limited mobility. It is easy to clean and is made from stain-resistant plastic. Its wide, ergonomic handle makes it easy to grasp and operate.

The urinal has a capacity of 1 litre. This allows it to last for at least 12 hours. It also features a one-way valve that prevents urine from flowing out. Unlike a traditional urinal, this model is portable and has a storage container.

The urinal is also made from an extra-thick, durable plastic. Its ridged bottom and angled neck help it to keep the liquid at the bottom of the container. It can be autoclaved to a temperature of 130degC.


They come with an ergonomic handle, a wide spout, and a tight fitting lid. They are suitable for home, the office, and even on long trips.

A sturdy male urine pot is a must have if you have a bladder condition such as urinary incontinence or diabetes. These urinals can be used by both males and females and can be a lifesaver for those who have to deal with the dreaded task of urinating. This is especially true for those who are bedridden.

Easy to clean

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The Karman Cannula

During the 1970s, Harvey Karman developed the Karman Cannula, which was a soft, flexible tube that helped to minimize the risk of perforating the uterus during vacuum aspiration. He invented this product in order to assist pregnant women who were victims of sexual assault or were in danger of a miscarriage.

In the 1950s, abortion was illegal in most countries. Abortion was performed by untrained individuals, usually in unsanitary conditions, which led to dangerous infections. This made it hard to obtain a safe abortion during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. In addition, the cost of illegal abortions was often too high, and the procedure was usually unsafe.

Karman traveled extensively to promote safe abortion techniques in developing nations. He worked with local doctors, training them in vacuum aspiration abortion techniques. He also trained women to perform safe abortions.



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